‘Move Over Water’ Watermelon Hibiscus Coolers

With the dog days of summer upon us, glass after glass of water might keep me hydrated, but I’ve been seeking out recipes for cold drinks to add flavor to my daily H2O intake. The Thug Kitchen Cookbook creators, based out of L.A., know how to make even the most ordinary fruits and vegetables sassy, and they shared several warm-weather drink recipes I’ve been wanting to try now that I’m not spending my days in wool and winter coat.

Last weekend Cameron’s parents’ visit coincided with a great fruit sale at our neighborhood Sprouts. (Have I mentioned I’m loving summer this year?) I grabbed a watermelon, a box of organic hibiscus tea, and set to work making Thug Kitchen’s Watermelon Hibiscus Cooler. Only when I cut into the watermelon did I realize I’d picked up a yellow-fleshed melon variety. Not much difference in melon flavor, but you’ll notice that the final drink is more sherbet than the deep magenta hibiscus tea and red watermelon share.

Watermelon Hibiscus Cooler 1
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Watermelon Hibiscus Coolers
(adapted from a Thug Kitchen Cookbook recipe)
Makes 4 glasses

– 6 cups of cubed seedless watermelon
– 1 1/2 cups of brewed hibiscus tea, cooled
– Juice of 1 lime
– 3 tsp Grade B maple syrup

1. Place the cubed watermelon on a rimmed cookie sheet, and freeze for at least an hour.

Watermelon Hibiscus Cooler 2
Image by author.

2. When it’s nice and frozen, grab your blender and fill it with the watermelon, along with the rest of the ingredients. Blend until smooth. Give it a taste, and add more sweetener if needed.

Watermelon Hibiscus Cooler 3
Image by author.

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